Kemper System
Your partner for professional waterproofing and coating systems

Kemper System membranes are designed for optimal performance. Our two-part resin-fleece technology creates a seamless, monolithic waterproofing membrane that can be adapted to protect almost any architectural element. From plazas, terraces, planters and fountains to industrial roofing, historic restoration and complicated gutterways and flashings, Kemper System membranes provide limitless solutions for waterproofing, roofing and surfacing applications.


Seamless Technology
Reinforced liquid resin membrane systems are fabricated in the field to fit all conditions. Seamless bonding of the membrane during application eliminates any possibility of fatigue at the bond line.

Full Adhesion
Reinforced liquid resin membrane systems fully adhere to practically any structural surface, horizontal or vertical, thereby eliminating water migration. Conventional industry systems offer multiple layers with partial adhesion.

UV Resistant
Our liquid resin membranes are engineered to resist degradation due to UV exposure and heat magnification.

Superior Flashing System
Due to its exceptional bond strength, Kemperol membranes form full closure to field surfaces, irregular flashings and penetrations of every shape or material.

Our liquid resin membranes are reinforced to easily accommodate future renovations, repairs, retrofits and maintenance, offering easy bonding from old to new applications and phasing of installations.

Ponding Water and Ice
Kemper System reinforced liquid resin membranes are unaffected by ponding water and ice conditions. We offer a long-term warranty for its monolithic, seamless protection.

Our liquid resin membranes provide excellent durability under all phases of construction and heavy mechanical traffic.

Chemical/Petroleum Resistant
Kemper System reinforced liquid resin membranes are resistant to chemical degradation and most corrosives, while other company's conventional industry products break down when exposed to chemical or petroleum products.

Rot and Root Resistant
Soil, vegetation or other biomatter will not affect the long-term performance of reinforced liquid resin membranes.

Odor-Free, Low VOC
The next generation of reinforced liquid resin membranes are odor-free with low VOCs for sensitive interior and exterior applications.

Color and Finish
A wide range of colors and topcoats provide creative options for creativity without compromising on technical performance.