Kemper System
Excellence in Waterproofing, Roofing and Surfacing Technology

Tried-and-Tested Products
For more than 50 years our products have proven to perform at optimum performance on billions of square feet. 

Technical Support
From the first consultancy until completion of the project, Kemper System offers excellent technical support throughout the planning process and assistance on the job site. 

PMMA, PU, UP - all resins available
Kemper System is the only manufacturer offering polyester, polyurethane and fast-curing PMMA resin systems. Our range of products offer you a choice that best suites the needs of your project. Odorfree, same day? Your choice! 

Environmentally-safe products and processes
Kemper System is the only manufacturer offering a solvent-free and odor-free resin system. A strictly controlled manufacturing process and the utilization of renewable resources and recycled content show our commitment to sustainability. 

Single-Source Warranties
Kemper System issues full system warranties for various built-up assemblies, including Insulation or green roofs.

Certified Products
Kemper System's products are constantly monitored by independent institutions and meet the highest quality standards.

Contractor Program
Kemper System offers a technical training program to waterproofing and roofing applicators. Because we know, that only well-trained and certified contractors bring our products to their optimum performance.

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