Kemper System
Excellence in Waterproofing, Roofing and Surfacing Technology

The KEMPERATOR is an application machine developed by KEMPER SYSTEM specifically for rationalising the laying of KEMPEROL V 210 M, BR M and 2K-PUR  waterproofing systems on larger areas.  

And there’s a mini version too for the fast and simple waterproofing of edges and details. It can be fitted with a maximum fleece width of 350 mm.

Operating the KEMPERATOR is easy and straightforward, whether you’re using the full-size or the mini model. The roll of reinforcing fleece is fitted onto a cartridge and the tank filled with KEMPEROL. As the fleece passes through the machine, it is saturated with KEMPEROL, before being guided by rollers onto the surface free from creases and folds. Any air bubbles are simply pressed out with a nylon roller.

The benefits:

Faster: The KEMPERATOR increases the speed of application considerably. Edges, details and whole areas can be waterproofed efficiently much faster than in the past.
More rational: The KEMPERATOR rationalises on-site operations, which increases productivity.
More economic: The time saved is reflected in your price for the job, which improves the competitiveness of KEMPEROL with respect to conventional materials.