Kemper System
Excellence in Waterproofing, Roofing and Surfacing Technology
Appication in liquid form
  • no joints, no seams 
  • no naked flame
Full surface bonding
  • no mechanical fixings
  • resistant against wind suction when applied directly on the concrete surface
Permeable to water vapour
  • allows damp substrates to dry
Permanently elastic at temperatures of
-30°C to +90 °C
  • absorbs structural movements
  • compensates for temperature-based expansion or shrinkage
Resistant to UV
  • no protective layer needed
Root and rod resistant
  • FLL test certificate
  • ideal for "green" roofs and plant holders
Minimum thickness
  • adds minimum weight to the surface
  • applicable in narrow spaces
  • meets DIN 4102 part 7 and EN 13501
  • ideal for application under mastic asphalt
  • one system for indoor and outdoor applications
  • waterproofing works can be carried out with air-conditioning and ventilation systems in operation
  • especially suited for sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools, nurseries, etc.
long-term protection
  • 40 years of field proven performance
  • global references