Kemper System
Excellence in Waterproofing, Roofing and Surfacing Technology

Kemperol AC is a two-component, rapid-curing waterproofing system based on PMMA. Balcony renovation can be completed in a single day with Kemperol AC. Application on ramps in car parks, walkways, fire exits and other areas that need to be permanently accessible is quick, safe and easy. By minimizing waiting time, optimum efficiency and economy can be achieved, reducing expensive travelling time.

Areas that are at risk of cracking, such as wall and detail joints, must be fleece-reinforced before being coated and then sealed with the Kemperdur AC Finish. As a coating, without fleece-reinforcement, Kemperol AC can be used wherever surfaces need to be reliably protected against abrasion, but not necessarily waterproofed.

Typical Physical Properties

Color light grey
Physical State cures to solid
Thickness (165 fleece) 70 mils
VOC Content 32 g/l
Tensile Strength @ Break 90 lb/in
Elongation 50 %
Tear Resistance N/A
Puncture Resistance 150 lbf
Dimensional Stability 0.05 %
Water Vapor Transmission .27 perms
Water Absorption 2.50 %
Impact Resistance Shore A:60
Usage Time* 15 minutes
Water resistant after* 35 minutes
Solid to walk on after* 60 minutes
Can be driven on after* 6 hours
Apply surfacing/Coating after* 60 minutes
Apply overburden after* 60 minutes
Completely hardened after* 6 hours
Crack Spanning 4 mm/0.16 inch

Short-term temperature resistance

250 °C/ 482 °F

* all times are approximate and depend upon air flow, humidity and temperature