Kemper System
Excellence in Waterproofing, Roofing and Surfacing Technology
Wind is one of the regenerative energy sources which receive politi-cal support from the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). Germany is a world leader when it comes to using sustainable wind power and this energy source will account for 14% of the country’s total power generation by 2020.

The Task:
Wind turbines have weak points which need to be waterproofed to ensure long-term safety. These include (expansion) joints and concrete plinths. Even though waterproof concrete is utilised, joints can be subject to extreme stress caused by freeze/thaw cycles. Due to harsh weather conditions the concrete may show cracks and spalling. Penetrating moisture poses a real threat to expensive technology.

Waterproofing requirements
Discourse with operators has shown that the Kemper System must “be completely applied to the plinth surface – from the painted steel pylon and the expansion joints right down to the actual body of the foundation”. (Depending on the type of wind turbine, the plinth is located in the foundation area or six to eight metres above the ground.) Based on a component service life of 20 years, the Kemperol waterproofing system satisfies the following demands:

  • Bridging static crack widths of up to approx. 0.6 mm
  • Bridging dynamic crack width changes of at least + 0.5 / - 0.2 mm
  • Fracture dynamics of 7 million annual load reversals with a crack mouth opening of 0 to 70 µm
  • Weather / UV proof
  • Root penetration proof
  • Rainproof in the short term
  • Colours according to RAL
  • Suitable for exposed locations, such as coastlines or spray water caused by traffic
  • When used with steel pylons, the waterproofing must be able to cope with the different expansion coefficients of steel and concrete.

KEMPEROL is a tested and marked building product. It is approved according to ETAG 005 and has the following classifications:

  • Working life category   W3
  • Temperature zones    M/S
  • User loads category   P4
  • Roof slope category   S1-S4
  • Min. surface temperature category TL4
  • Max. surface temperature category TH4

Due to its liquid application Kemperol can be adapted to any substrate. This means it is ideally suited for utilisation on round plinths. This waterproofing system already provides long-term protection to hundreds of wind turbines throughout Europe.