Kemper System
Excellence in Waterproofing, Roofing and Surfacing Technology

Telecommunications towers house technical installations which are often worth millions. In order to guarantee uninterrupted operations and to protect the equipment permanently against moisture, the waterproofing to the platforms of such towers is refurbished at regular intervals as a preventive measure. The client specified KEMPEROL V 210 in his tender for the high-level concrete slab to the telecommunications tower in Essen. This liquid waterproofing system had already gained a good reputation on numerous towers throughout Germany.

The liquid resin also had to be laid beneath the steel sections that are mounted just a few centimetres above the slab around the perimeter of the concrete platform. The supports for the steel rails also had to be covered by the waterproofing material. However, the metal plates cast into the top of the slab were not to be covered but instead merely their edges incorporated into the waterproofing.

Firstly, all unsuitable, doubtful-looking deposits that might reduce the adhesion of the waterproofing were removed from the entire concrete slab – inner and outer rings – by means of planing and sandblasting. Furthermore, any irregularities in the substrate were evened out with a mixture of KEMPERTEC EP-Primer and quartz sand. The substrate was then treated with KEMPERTEC D-Primer, which guarantees an optimum bond for the subsequent waterproofing material. The KEMPEROL V 210 reinforced with a grade 200 fleece was laid on this. As this product is applied in liquid form, it follows the contours of the structure exactly and bonds to the substrate over its full area. KEMPERDUR NQ 0712 Natural Quartz  was worked into the wet KEMPEROL in order to achieve a wear-resistant, anti-slip surface, and KEMPERDUR Finish was applied after the material had cured.

The KEMPEROL V 210 was applied in two layers directly above the operations centre, in one layer on the cantilevering perimeter. This permanently resilient waterproofing system accommodates movements in the structure without becoming brittle. KEMPEROL is UV-resistant and its long-term durability has been put to the test in practical applications since 1969.

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