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This 22-year-old two-storey basement garage is situated on a key crossroads near Munich’s main railway station. The parking spaces are popular with the many businesses, banks and embassies
in the neighbourhood.

Over the years the car park had suffered as a result of general wear and tear, exhaust fumes, de-icing salt, etc., and so extensive refurbishment work became necessary in the spring of 2003. Moisture and salt had also penetrated through to the lower level of the car park and even structural parts were showing signs of damage. In addition to the unavoidable concrete repairs, the client decided to
upgrade all the floor finishes as well. The architect specified KEMPEROL in the tender documents for repairing the floor finishes. The use of this synthetic material in liquid form presented an ideal alternative to tearing up and replacing the screed. What also counted in KEMPEROL’s favour was the fact that the architect had already had good results with this material on another project.

But before the actual waterproofing work could begin, all concrete surfaces were repaired using conventional techniques. New drains and gullies were also installed. The existing substrate was shot-blasted and at those places where water had seeped underneath, the concrete was cut away and renewed. Afterwards, all surfaces were treated with KEMPERTEC EP-Primer to enhance the bond with the subsequent waterproofing. One layer of KEMPEROL BR was then applied. The waterproofing was turned up all adjoining walls at least 150 mm to ensure protection against splashing water. Two coats of waterproofing were applied to the surface of the spiral ramp, where stresses caused by frequent braking and accelerating plus the shearing forces due to the constant travel in a curve mean that the surfacing material experiences greater wear. Kiln-dried quartz sand, grain size 0.4 – 0.8 mm, was worked into the KEMPEROL BR while it was still wet. And once the waterproofing material had cured, it was sealed with KEMPERDUR AC Finish, a PMMA-based material that cures very quickly and ensures that the surface is protected without delay. The advantage of this material is its fast reaction time, which means that waiting time on site is kept to a minimum.

After completing the refurbishment works, the floor make-up was as follows:
waterproof concrete
100 –150 mm screed, some of it new
 one coat of KEMPEROL BR waterproofing, two coats on the spiral ramp
KEMPERDUR NQ 0408 Natural Quartz
KEMPERDUR AC Finish as wearing course

The tested and CE-marked KEMPEROL BR system was specially developed for the extreme demands of parking decks and bridges. This permanently resilient liquid-applied waterproofing material not only withstands high stresses and bridges over small cracks, but is also resistant to de-icing salts, chemicals and oil. The full bond with the substrate rules out the risk of moisture seeping underneath and damaging the substrate.

Project report in PDF-Format