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This motorway bridge crosses the River Mulde near Grimma on the Dresden – Leipzig route. The motorway was opened to traffic for the first time in 1970.

After 25 years of use, the damage could no longer be ignored. An uneven road surface that had already been repaired several times, damaged and, in some cases, exposed drainage courses, insufficient capping, damage to concrete, cracks and spalling caused by moisture ingress.

The construction planning authorities of the State of Saxony were in agreement: It would be necessary to replace the road surface, sealing layer, drainage outlets, drainage equipment, the roadway structure and also all protective and safety equipment. Before the waterproofing work began, the asphalt and the old roadway caps were removed, fastening attachments for the scaffolding were drilled on the bridge and the preparatory work for 1624 bolts, 520 drainage outlets, the new gullies and the priming of the exposed steel parts were completed. It was then possible to start shot blasting the substrate in order to guarantee optimum bonding of the KEMPEROL BR system. All substrate defects were made good before the actual sealing work was started. After the KEMPEROL BR was applied, the fleece was rolled into the wet resin and impregnated until it was completely saturated. The fleece was shaped to the contours of the cap fastenings, drainage outlets and gullies. All blisters were removed. This produced a seamless membrane encapsulating the entire surface. The melted asphalt was applied directly in two layers, each 35 mm thick, to the 2.5 mm thick KEMPEROL BR membrane at a temperature of 250°C to produce a road covering that conforms to the relevant regulations. Adhesion tests were conducted during the construction phase, along with regular monitoring of humidity, air temperature and surface temperature.

Renovation and KEMPEROL BR waterproofing of the motorway bridge along a length of 342 metres (total approx. 8940 m²). KEMPEROL BR and melted asphalt are powerful partners for bridge deck waterproofing. Reliable and safe in all weathers and under all types of stress for many years.

Pre-treated substrate
KEMPERTEC EP- scratch smoothing
KEMPEROL BR Waterproofing System
Melted asphalt in line with the regulations

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