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KEMPER SYSTEM is the global specialist for liquid-applied waterproofing and surfacing systems. Liquid waterproofing and coating systems protect buildings and structures worldwide.

From Iceland to Hong Kong – buildings all over the world have to be waterproofed in order to provide long-term protection against moisture. Flat roofs and platforms are particularly vulnerable to damage. KEMPER SYSTEM has developed the Kemperol brand into a broad range of products designed to solve individual waterproofing challenges.

Please read more about our new KEMPER SYSTEM products and worldwide projects done with KEMPEROL in our customer magazine THE DUCK.

KEMPER SYSTEM customer magazine THE DUCK

Please read about our new products and latest case studies:

  • Florida Polytechnic University (Lakeland, USA) - One solution for different surfaces (glass, concrete and penetrations)
  • Guildhall Library Roof goes solvent-free with KEMPEROL 2K-PUR, London, UK

  • Trade fairs 2015 - schedule


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