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COELAN® is our brand name for liquid applied coating systems. We develop high-quality and innovative (Liquid synthetic) materials for the construction industry since 1954. The popular brand COELAN® is well-known worldwide, in particular for the highly versatile field of polyurethane chemistry. We manufacture products for the following areas:

The floor coating with a wide choice of colours!

Floors in commercial areas, for instance shops, warehouses or garages, are probably those parts of the building which are most exposed to constant wear and abrasion. Floor surfaces are expected to comply with increasingly high standards in terms of abrasion resistance, durability, slip-proof classification and resistance to chemicals etc.

COEPLAN 2-K Poured Coating PLUS is an industrial polyurethane resin floor coating, effortlessly fulfills all these requirements. In addition to being available in a wide choice of attractive colours, the system has also excellent technical properties.

The COELAN® colour fan allows you to pick the perfect coating colour as well as the matching coloured flakes quickly and easily. In addition to our colour fan, the sample case contains the original colour samples of our 12 basic colours.

Floor - COEPLAN 2-K Poured Coating PLUS

COEPLAN 2-K Poured Coating PLUS with or without coloured flakes offers impressive technical advantages!

Decorative floors, for instance in living rooms, showrooms, kitchens, industrial halls etc., not only have to be hard wearing, they also play a key role in our well-being. Today, modern decor styles demand a wide choice of colours and decorative finishes.
In addition to the colours in the COELAN® product range, COEPLAN 2-K Poured Coating PLUS can also be combined with a wide variety of coloured flakes; used with the clear final sealant COEPLAN 2-K Aqua Sealer silk finish, it is the ideal coating system for all decorative floors.


COEPLAN 2-K Poured Coating PLUS - Possible application areas

The coating is suitable for almost all private and commercial floors!

  • Reception halls
  • Business rooms
  • Showrooms
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Industrial halls
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Parking decks
  • Bakeries
  • And a lot more

Product features

  • Low solvent content
  • Durable
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Good leveling property
  • High mechanical load capacity
  • Optional slip-resistance calssification (R11 V6 or R13 V10)
  • Can be combined with 16 different coloured flakes

* Technical Data Sheet - COEPLAN 2-K Poured Coating


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