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COELAN is a decorative coating and liquid-applied waterproofing specialist. COELAN has been developing high-quality and innovative liquid synthetic materials for the construction industry since 1954. The popular brand has made a name for itself, particularly in the highly versatile field of polyurethane chemistry. We manufacture products for the following areas:

The international boat exhibition "METS-Trade" in Amsterdam (NL) will take place on the 17th of November until 19th of November 2015. The address is:

NL-1078 GZ Amsterdam

Ships and boats, the task...

Ships and boats are frequently exposed to a combination of sunlight, rain, saltwater, wind and other negative effects of the environment. This can result in dried and discolored decks and other wood surfaces along the hairline cracks and crazing of gel coats.

... the solution - COELAN Boat Coating

As a result, your boat deck will look new again and will be protected from the combined negative influences of the weather and hard use for many years to come.

Product properties: 

 Absolutely UV and light resistance
 Easy to use and to to apply by brush or roller
 Water vapor permeable  - allows moisture to dissipate
 Highly elastic
 Extremely durable
 Bridges small cracks
 High wear and abrasion resistance
 highly resistant to solvents, alcohol, gasoline and cleaning agents

Wood repairs

Steel repairs

GRP reapirs

Cork deck


New Products

COELAN Portlight Refresher

The COELAN Portlight Refresher is a transparent coating for refreshing porthole windows with a sealing effect, e.g. glass, PMMA, PC, PETG and GRP, above the waterline.


COELAN Plastic Boat Coating

COELAN Plastic Boat Coating is a transparent coating for renovating and enhancing plastic substrates on boat decks. Ideal for all surfaces in and on a boat above the waterline.


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