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KEMPEROL Fallstop - The life saving coating!

There are many hazards to be found on roofs: Falls through skylight domes, for instance, cause death and serious injury. Sadly, many people tend to underestimate this risk while carrying out routine repairs and maintenance on buildings.

KEMPEROL Fallstop is the new coating, which ensures subsequently the safety of a skylight dome and helps to prevent accidents while working on the roof. It is an innovative and user-friendly alternative for safer roof environments:

  • Makes skylight domes safer in a fast and simple way

  • Helps to prevent fatal accidents and nasty cuts

  • Increases the hail resistance of skylight domes

Proven quality:

  1. Test specimen (50kg)
  2. Droping hight minimum 60cm
  3. Laying time after crash (3 - 15 minutes)
  4. W1 approved

Result = Approved

Hail damage?
– No, thank you!

Even if insurance companies pay for the damage caused by hail to the office buildings, warehouses and production facilities, the affected companies still face enormous organisational and administrative challenges. Downtime, loss of production and damaged stock can have significant financial consequences for businesses of all sizes.

The solution

KEMPEROL Fallstop is an effective coating system that enhances the hail resistance of already installed skylight domes reliably and efficiantly.







KEMPEROL Fallstop is the innovative and user-friendly alternative for safer roof environments: a simple measure that can save lives.


  • Tested fall-through protection to GS BAU 18 (stationary accident insurance for the construction sector in Germany)
  • Easy application - without production downtime
  • Ideal for conventional new and weathered skylight domes (e.g. PMMA, PC, PETG, GRP)
  • Minimal reduction of the light transmission level (approx. 4,5%)
  • No roof penetrations required
  • Suitable for use with smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Light-fast and UV-resistance
  • Enhance hail resistance and structual watertightness
  • Patent application has been filed

KEMPEROL Fallstop - Video

We have a very nice KEMPEROL Fallstop video for you, please have a look at it!



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