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What have the Empire State Building in New York, the Royal Festival Hall in London and Berlin’s TV tower all got in common? They are all protected by a KEMPEROL liquid waterproofing system supplied by KEMPER SYSTEM.

KEMPER SYSTEM is the market leader in the global liquid waterproofing sector. Nine business locations in Europe, Asia and the USA plus cooperative ventures with distribution partners in many countries guarantee full coverage. The company’s founder Dr. Heinz Kemper is regarded as the pioneer in this form of waterproofing. Backed up by more than 50 years of experience and competence, KEMPEROL is the unbeaten world champion in its class.

KEMPER SYSTEM has a reliable partner in Slovenia – Elitbau d.o.o. in Ljubljana. Elitbau d.o.o. will realize our demand for quality products and very good service. You are welcome to visit their website for details:

KEMPEROL Waterproofing Systems

All the waterproofing systems of the KEMPEROL product range are based on liquid resins. They harden after being applied, form a full bond with the substrate and create a seamless, waterproof surface coating. As each product is applied as a liquid, even the most difficult substrate situations (and that includes upstands and penetrations) can be reliably waterproofed.

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Application of KEMPEROL Waterproofing Systems

Learn how KEMPEROL is applied and watch our training videos.



80% of the resins from which we produce our solvent-free KEMPEROL 2K-PUR are obtained from renewable raw materials.

On greenroofs and windturbines worldwide KEMPEROL waterproofing was applied.


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