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KEMPEROL® Newsletter - Green!

Green roofs are these days a standard practice for almost every roofing company in the world. This type of roof belongs to the group of Living Roofs. This group covers all different kind of roof types but they all have the same purpose - to use and live on them. Some roofs also combine different functions into one area: like parking, walking, gardening and fishing ponds.

Waterproofing of these roofs is very critical and requires the best available waterproofing solutions. Keep in mind that the waterproofing layer is no longer visible because it will be covered with soil, asphalt, tiles or water. The waterproofing should be perfect to avoid extra costs for repairing the system!

There are many good reasons for a green roof: it is ecologically attractive, improves the microclimate, stores rainwater and creates new living space for people but also for insects and small animals. For example, green roofs on a garage box bind as much carbon dioxide, CO2, as a broad-leafed tree!

In case the main focus is the aesthetic appeal: Green roofs vitalize the environment.

Furthermore green roofs have a lot of advantages – from the thermal insulation value to energy savings – but they must be installed in a professional way. This includes not only 100% waterproofing but also resistance against root and rot! Our KEMPEROL waterproofing systems have passed all these tests with excellence results to ensure all of this.


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