Kemper System
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The Eurotower in the Frankfurt banking quarter has been making headlines for many years. The former BfG building, which is today owned by the Dresdner Bank, is today home to Europe’s leading financiers: The European Central Bank, guardian of the European currency, has taken up lodgings there.

Regular maintenance work ensures that this skyscraper that was built 22 years ago is always in "good shape”. One area to which particular attention must always be paid is the technical rooms which are located on three different floors and in which the air-conditioning systems are also located. Since large amounts of water regularly come into contact with the floor during maintenance or repair work on the air-conditioning systems and because the rooms are generally subjected to moisture, these technical rooms already have a tile covering and integrated drainage channels. A few cases of minor damage had already occurred here. While searching for the cause of the damage, the building managers found that the joints between the tiles had become leaky.

In order to protect the rooms of the European Central bank against damage, all technical rooms underwent precautionary renovation. For various reasons, the solvent-free KEMPEROL 2K-PUR was chosen as the waterproofing material for the complete surface area, which measures
over 1400 m²:

  • KEMPEROL 2K-PUR reliably incorporates complicated detailed points, edges and wall connections.
  • The liquid material guarantees a homogeneous and permanently elastic surface.
  • Since the material is solvent-free, the air-conditioning systems can continue to operate.
  • The work can be done during normal business hours.
  • Since the rooms have no external air sources in the form of windows, only a solvent-free solution was possible.

In the Eurotower, the old tile covering which was on a concrete surface was removed and was then primed and grouted with the KEMPERTEC EP-Primer. The primer was mixed with quartz sand for this purpose. KEMPEROL 2K-PUR was then applied. All detailed points, raised edges and drainage channels were incorporated into the homogeneous sealing. After a hardening period of 3 days, the light-fast KEMPERDUR HB High-Build was applied as the high-quality wear layer. This is a three-component aliphatic polyurethane with a special quartz sand mixture. The coating provides a very durable but at the same time decorative and wear-resistant surface. A scattering of chips loosens up the visual appearance of the surface, with the result that the technical rooms now make a good impression nor only as far as the technology is concerned.

KEMPEROL 2K-PUR met the requirements for the Eurotower 100 percent. The two-component, solvent-free material on a polyurethane resin basis was developed especially for sensitive waterproofing areas both indoors and outdoors.

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