Kemper System
Excellence in Waterproofing, Roofing and Surfacing Technology
Barrier-free bathrooms  

There are just as many requirements for internal waterproofings as advantages of KEMPEROL. Barrier-free bathrooms, for example, can not be used without a functioning waterproofing. Water can penetrate the joints and damage the con-struction underneath.
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Plant rooms  

Maximum safety is the must-criteria when choosing construction materials for technically dominated rooms such as cooling/heating or computer units. Compatible waterproofing and coating systems offer optimum safety, extended service intervals and help to keep the rates of failures low.
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Catering kitchens  

Waterproofing systems applied in catering kitchens have to be resistant against bases and acids. The membrane has to be especially resistant against lactic acid because they are found in detergents, cleaners and descalers. In kitchens in general and in catering kitchens in particular, fatty acids are released, initially in vapour form and then settling as solids on the building structures. These fatty acids attack cement–based materials like concrete and also steel reinforcements, causing expensive damage to the building over a period of time. In combination with an alkaline protection layer and tiles, KEMPEROL offers suitable protection of the construction in this field of application.
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