Kemper System
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Sprecher Automation is the former control technology division of Alstom Austria AG, which in 2002 sold off the division to a group of managers. This Austrian company, with more than 200 employees, is active worldwide in the power supplies and automation sectors. The company’s customers include power supply utilities, industry, transport and municipal operations as well as public bodies. The headquarters of the company are located in Linz, the capital of the Austrian province of upper Austria.

Moisture damage in the offices on the top storey forced a complete refurbishment of the metal roof to the building (including roof-mounted air-conditioning plant) with KEMPEROL 2K-PUR. The client wanted to carry out the work without having to remove the old roof finishes. Alfred Scheiblhofer, the owner of Santech, recommended using a “liquid waterproofing” system in the form of the solvent-free KEMPEROL 2K-PUR. In these circumstances, the processing of this high-tech product was more cost-effective and faster than any other conventional alternative. The client agreed because he had already gained good experience with this synthetic liquid material “Made in Germany” on other roofs.

The metal substrate was rubbed down first to remove any residue from the surface. The subsequent cleaning with KEMPERTEC MEK Cleaning Agent ensured good adhesion. The fleece-reinforced resin is applied as a liquid directly onto the metal surface. The work was especially demanding where there was only a few centimetres of space in which to work; beneath the cable ducts and panels, the personnel had to lay the KEMPEROL virtually lying down! Apart from the roof surface itself, five roof access lobbies, five doors and ventilation grilles, 38 posts, vents and roof penetrations plus 58.5 m of gutters and 42 m of upstands around the ventilation plant room had to be waterproofed.

In terms of the material properties, the following advantages were crucial:

As the KEMPEROL 2K-PUR was laid on a non-absorbent substrate, a primer was unnecessary
The liquid waterproofing adheres to the full area of the substrate, thus ruling out the risk of moisture seeping underneath.
The material adheres to almost all types of substrate; junctions with existing galvanised posts therefore presented no problems.
The material’s permanent elasticity allows it to compensate for the different thermal expansion characteristics of diverse building materials
Being applied as a liquid, waterproofing of even the most complicated details in confined spaces is also guaranteed.
The waterproofing system can resist UV light and the rigours of the weather without any further protective layer.
KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is a solvent-free product and thus odourless; the air-conditioning and ventilation plant did not have to be shut down during the work.

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