Kemper System
Excellence in Waterproofing, Roofing and Surfacing Technology

When banks and other financial institutions switch to the role of building developer, the results, in architectural terms, are often interesting, with their merits going beyond those of just their everyday financial functions. The new savings bank building in Forchheim, Germany, is distinguished by its modern style with different levels and heights. Despite the combination of several intersecting, individual buildings with different contours, the building has been successfully integrated into the existing townscape.

The search for a reliable, proven waterproofing system led to the choice of a combination not encountered that often. Based on the maxim of “long-lasting and good”, a high-quality cellular glass insulation was combined with waterproofing based on a liquid synthetic material. The roof surfaces (including those with rooftop planting) amounting to just over 2200 m² were waterproofed with the established KEMPEROL V 210 system. This ageing-resistant waterproofing material not only remains permanently resilient and stable over temperatures from -30°C to +90°C, but also resists root penetration without the need for any further protective layer – and has been awarded an FLL test certificate to prove it.

The roof construction is as follows (from bottom to top):


concrete roof slab
separating layer of V13 bituminous material, butt-jointed and bonded to the substrate with hot bitumen over the full area
cellular glass insulation,180-300 mm thick, bedded in hot bitumen over the full area
G 200 DD bituminous material intermediate layer laid in hot bitumen over the full area
KEMPEROL V 210 Waterproofing System
protective mat
extensive rooftop planting

The interwoven roofscape resulting from the combination of various individual flat roofs exudes a certain charm. All the flat roofs visible from the offices make use of rooftop planting. Besides the ecological advantages, the garden-like surroundings allow employees to forget that they are actually working in an office building. The colourful external surroundings seem to infiltrate the interior and thus have a positive effect on the working climate.

Project report in PDF-Format