Kemper System
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In 1947 the school was founded as one of the first training colleges for new teachers with the declared goal being „to create the new kind of democratic German teacher“. At the start of the 1953/54 school year the building was converted into a type of sixth form college in the course of the teacher training reforms in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The idea was to allow talented youngsters from the secondary schools of that period to go on to complete their  university entrance examinations. Therefore, the pupils at this school are aged 16–18. A new extension to the school was built in 2001.

The extension to the school in Alzey involved applying a liquid polyurethane waterproofing system to the walkways (some covered) fronting the classrooms on the upper floor of the new building. As there were also classrooms below the surfaces to be waterproofed and some areas would be exposed to the weather, Mainz Building Authority specified KEMPEROL in its tender for the work. Great importance was attached to ensuring that the material


would adhere to different materials such as metal window frames, zinc, concrete and aluminium,
could integrate critical details, e.g. safety barrier uprights, reliably into the waterproofing on the surface,
would remain permanently resilient and bridge over cracks,
could accommodate structural movements,
would adhere to the substrate over its full area,
could be applied cold

The contractor opted for KEMPEROL 1K-PUR, a waterproofing system approved by the building authorities. This liquid waterproofing system can be applied directly from the container and is already rainproof after about one hour. In the first phase the joints between the precast concrete elements forming the substrate were sealed with a mixture of KEMPERTEC EP-Primer and KEMPERDUR Natural Quartz. In order to optimise adhesion, the surface was afterwards given a coat of KEMPERTEC EP-Primer. This solvent-free two-component primer is based on an epoxy resin and was developed specially for use on concrete and screed surfaces. KEMPERTEC NQ 0408 Natural Quartz was worked into the freshly primed surface. Following tack-free curing, the surface was waterproofed with the fleece-reinforced KEMPEROL 1K-PUR.  The aluminium eaves flashing was fully integrated into the waterproofing. This guarantees that rainwater on the open walkways drains safely over the eaves. The zinc uprights to the safety barriers were also incorporated into the surface waterproofing.

The liquid application and the adhesion over the full area mean that KEMPEROL adapts to all the contours of the substrate perfectly. And the use of a liquid waterproofing system rules out the risk that water could seep below the waterproofing material. As KEMPEROL Waterproofing Systems are suitable for foot traffic but are not designed for heavy loads, a wearing course of paving flags supported clear of the waterproofing was added.

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