Kemper System
Excellence in Waterproofing, Roofing and Surfacing Technology

    KEMPEROL BR, a three-component, fleece-reinforced polyester resin-based waterproofing system, was specially developed for use under extreme conditions on parking decks and bridges. This tried and tested system reliably protects reinforced steel structures against damage from water and corrosion. KEMPEROL BR can be laid under asphalt, slabs or paving, or it can be applied with a colour quartz wearing layer on concrete and weathered asphalt. Poured asphalt can be laid at 250 °C without damaging the membrane. Permanently-elastic KEMPEROL BR bridges cracks up to 2 mm. The product is certified according to ETAG 005.
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    KEMPEROL V 210

    KEMPEROL V 210 is a three-component, liquid waterproofing system applied with a fleece reinforcement. It adapts to the structure like a second skin. It offers long-term protection down to the last detail – roof parapets, light-domes, ventilation pipes, metal supports, SEKURANTEN and lightning protection rods are integrated in the surface waterproofing without any seams or joints. KEMPEROL  V 210 also conforms to FLL guidelines and qualifies as a root-resistant waterproofing system ideal for "green" roofs. In addition to flat roofs, the system is widely used in other difficult waterproofing applications - on radio masts, to protect monuments, on external walkways and in fountains, whether for new-build or for renovation.KEMPEROL  V 210 is approved according to ETAG 005.
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    Two-component KEMPEROL  2K-PUR was specially developed for waterproofing sensitive areas where the use of solvents is undesirable. Fully fleece-reinforced, this solvent-free, polyurethane-based system can be used both indoors and outdoors. KEMPEROL  2K-PUR is the ideal waterproofing system for nurseries, hospitals, schools, internal areas and also flat roofs. Even during application, air-conditioning and ventilation systems can continue operating. The waterproofing system KEMPEROL  2K-PUR is approved according to ETAG 005.
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    High-quality products, tailor-made solution, excelsior and professional application create the unique style, excellent feature and long life!
    KEMPERDUR FC(formerly:2k-Poured Coating) is a two-component, solvent-free, filled and colored coating system based on polyurethane. Due to its excellent characteristic: tough elastic, high abrasion resistant, self-levelling, good chemical resistance and high mechanical resistant. It is suitable for hospital, pharmaceutical industry, grocery and catering industry, electronic industry, laboratories, office, library, exhibition hall and trade shows, refrigeratory, garages and parking decks as well as industrial heavy-duty applications where e. g. fork-lift trucks and other machines are being operated.
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