Kemper System
Your partner for professional waterproofing and coating systems

Kemperol V 210, a polyester based resin, was the first liquid-applied waterproofing system patented in the world. Kemper System continues to further develop the capabilities and depth of our products along the needs of the market.

Today, our product range includes

  • Polyester (UP) based waterproofing systems
  • Fast curing PMMA based systems
  • Solvent-free polyurethane (PU) resins

Kemper System membranes meet the highest technical requirements defined throughout the world. Kemper System membranes have a proven service life of 25 years and guarantee excellent product performance over a temperature range between - 22 F (- 30 C) and + 194 F (+90 C), making it an ideal choice for application in extreme climatic environments.